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Ashley Flores, Evan Trembley and Yohana Ravelo

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Evan Trembley, Ashley Flores, Yohana Ravelo, Not Missing


Not missing, and not funny...

the Evan Trembley Hoax was started on Myspace by the real and not missing Evan Trembley himself.

Trembley claims it was meant only as a prank on his friends for a laugh, but the hoax turned into a nightmare for other people.

Missing Nanaimo Teen Email is a Big Hoax or click to read the Nanaimo teen article here which should load much faster than the original news site. The Nanaimo hoax stole content from Evan Trembley which stole content from the Ashley Flores Hoax which was started by one of the real and not missing Ashley's friends on Myspace as a prank or sick joke, depending on whether or not it was only meant to stay within Ashley's circle of friends, which, of course, it didn't. It also heavily ripped off content from the Penny Brown Hoax which is a mutation of the Kelsey Brook Jones chain, which was true for the two hours kelsey was thought missing. Kelsey was found playing, and unharmed two hours after her mother's initial panic. However, the Kelsey Brook Jones story grew and turned into a full-blown hoax chain letter.


Yohana Ravelo is another missing kid hoax that, like the Ashley Flores hoax, was started by one of the real and not missing Yohana's friends as Yohana's Myspace page shows. Furthermore, the contact email address given doesn't exist; the phone number the hoax gives is not for a police department, but Pets Galore.

Social networks are hardly a good place to play such pranks since they have a way of going far beyond the original several people they're meant for, as anyone with common sense would surely realize.

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