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B and Baby April Rose

Page history last edited by Indy 10 years, 11 months ago

Munchausen or in this case, Beushausen by Internet

Unfortunately Kaycee Nicole isn't the last of this particularly sick style of hoax.

Becca Beushausen a social worker from Mokena, was 26 when she committed the blogger baby April Rose hoax What a doll, what a shame. Little April Rose is Fake B and Baby April Rose" a scam? The story of unmarried pregnant Christian B, or Becca's fight with a terminal illness and her struggles to stay alive, or was that keep Baby April Rose alive to term used to be at this site http://www.littleoneapril.blogspot.com/ which was taken down. Rachael Myers, someone in association with B and little April Rose Rachael's husband owns the site that made the April Rose t-shirts, they were scammed as much as anyone. She doesn't regret her kindness toward Beccah and her fictional doll kid, even though she was taken in. April Rose Fact or Fiction? This blogger expresses thoughts and says no prayers are ever wasted. But yes, they are if they were said over somebody who turns out to be nonexistent. Questions about April Rose Gibson Twins blog discussion This discussion has a lot of insight and reaction from people who have been following the saga. One person even mentioned that while B was supposedly a single/unwed Christian woman with this baby, the father, D, or Dan, was apparently atheist, and he made references to God knowing their hearts. Not only is this a sick hoax, but yet another that targets Christians, and makes a mockery of the faith, whether Becca Beushausen intended it or not.

Beushausen claims she started the hoax blog to deal with the loss of a son soon after birth in 2005, and to express her anti-abortion views. That's a heck of a way to go about it. Why not just say that in the first place and make it up front that the Baby April thing was going to be fictional? Oh, but then she wouldn't have gotten so many people hoodwinked into reading it and giving her all that sympathy, and hits to her site. Beccah Beashausen prayed on people's deep emotions, and there is no excuse for it, if people are angry and disgusted with her actions, they have every right to be.

Also, "Yummy Mummy" was another hoax. She turned into "Interrupted Girl" then closed that blog down. Then she became "Saved Girl" as just a 20-something girl who's never had a baby.

Gina, another sick person hoax blog Identity theft and fraud

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