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Chain chain chain, chain of fools

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Chain chain chain, chain of fools


Posted by kireic on a Livejournal


@ 2008-12-04 17:26:00


(Edited out a strong cuss word for this site)


Current mood: irritated

Entry tags: emails, irritation


Chain chain chain, chain of fools


I know they're just stupid time-wasters, but chain emails can really get my goat sometimes. Like the ones I got this afternoon.


The first one was one of those "be grateful for what you have because soldiers in Iraq have it tough." By the statements it makes, it assumes that:

- I take my material possessions for granted,

- I disrespect friends in their absence,

- I have nothing better to do than ogle passing strangers,

- I bitch about the weather,

- I make a big deal about restaurant screw-ups,

- I have a maid to do my housework for me,

- I go to a salon for hairstyling,

- I get upset over a 5-minute wait,

- I take my significant other’s presence for granted,

- I hate babies,

- they know what my stance is on war,

- I disrespect soldiers,

- I am a media zombie,

- I slack off and don’t help my parents,

- I sit on my ass in front of the television every spare minute,

- I take my bed and the roof over my head for granted,

- I will forget the deeds of the living and of the dead.


Which is wrong. But if I was that person, I doubt that a single chain email telling me about the suffering of others would change me very much, or for very long. In addition, if this message is saying that I, and everyone else not actively at war, should decide to stop living life because someone else is suffering, I’m afraid it’s not going to happen. People suffer all the time, even outside of wartime, and the world still turns, and life has to go on. It’s good to be reminded to be grateful, but guilting people into it because you assume they are not grateful at all is truly vexing. Add to that the closing message of “forward this or else!” and you’ve become a full-blown jerkoff.


Screw chain emails.


I also got one saying how if we can’t say “under God” and have the Ten Commandments in government buildings, then government institutions should remain open on Christmas and Easter, and Sundays too for that matter – not so controversial, really. But it also mentions Thanksgiving, which is NOT a religious holiday but as close to a true American one as there is, rooting back to native harvest celebrations and such. Then, it goes on to say that if this message gets around, maybe “elected officials will stop giving in to the minority opinions” and represent the majority. Uhhhh, isn’t the majority what ELECTS officials? Maybe the originator should go out and vote more often rather than creating retarded emails claiming that people are trying to make the government erase God from the U.S.A.

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