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Groups and forums

Page history last edited by Pippi 10 years, 11 months ago

Web forums and Groups

Here too, chain letters invade. Before social networking became popular, email lists and web forums were there. Chain letters spread their way to them as well as private inboxes and email lists all over the world. This page showcases some of these as they are discovered.

Article also posted here is a suspected chain letter about life immitating urban legends. It mentions Geocities shutting down, and ponders a story about a snake in a toilet, but don't let that fool you into believing animal activist anti-pet propaganda that reptile and other exotic pet owners routinely abandon or let their pets loose.

Groupthink leftist Chain Letter

A flamer's chain letter posted on Trompyx.com The "Just One" list glurge chain posted on a forum at help.com of all places A Hug chain letter was posted to The Group of Respectful People where chain letters should be the last thing anybody expects to see. somebody posted a false "no crosses" chain letter on a forum Sappy sayings on Noteful Song Rip-off Chain posted on Flicr group Lame Toyota VS. GM "Waah We Americans are jipped by Japanese companies stealing our business!" chain letter posted on this forum questionaire survey chain posted on this forum A thread with a discussion and at least a couple of chain letters posted on this forum Cheesy romantic gesture chain letter and discussion on The Asian Place forum Lauren posted the stupid "Hi My Name is TeddY" anti-chain letter on an NBA fan forum. It's a way down the board. Not so amazing fact chain letter thread started on the Saga Zone forum Gather Experience Meme Survey Chain "shamelessly" taken by Vikki M from Rob Appell, who got it from someone else etc. another Gather survey that appears to have been started by one of the site admins stupid chain letter posted multiple times on this board, members get banned for that. Silly "What Tree Are You?" chain and discussion the stupid off-color Billy Connolly anti-chain letter posted on this forum

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