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Hall Of Notoriety

Page history last edited by Bloody Mary 12 years, 2 months ago

Welcome to the hoax/chain letter hall of notoriety, where people who actually like chain letters and keep them going, and hoax originators are showcased.

Viral Marketing Sites that Simply Archive forwards Groups and forums blogosphere General Web sites So-called Anti Chain Letters

Individuals, Including Chain Letter Originators

Contra3 wants to create the ultimate chain letter as a joke on family and friends. One of the people commenting, Elburto, originated the infamous Billy Evans burlap sack boy chain letter.

the notorious 2009 White House Health Care Chain Letter Pro-Obama 90 accomplishments chain letter! Top Ten Uses For "Going Rogue" chain letter left-wing anti-Palin chain.

Suzen an organic food activist started an alarmist chain letter pro-organic, anti-anything else on her blog. It reads like the nutrasweet chain letters and contains just as much hysterics.

Kofi Annan's "climate change" chain letter The Calgary SPCA animal pound created the "adopt a cat" chain letter. It's a sad world when people get cats confused with children. Animals are not children, so they don't get "adopted" and "fostered" they are rehomed, acquired, purchased. The SPCAs don't give animals away for free, so they are selling, not "adopting" out anything. Vegan Letter Scam Uncovered by Beverly Citizen Some animal rights person or group waged a viral vegan chain campaign via fake letters in newspapers, fraudulently using other people's names, numbers, addresses etc. Nobody questioned wants to admit to it, naturally.

This animal rights chain letter which is racism against Denmark by the way, was posted to an exotic pets list of all things, in November 2009.

Sarah Marshak committed an anti-Semitic hoax. Students created racist graffiti hoax. The Disgrace of DePaul University Somebody committed an ugly racial graffiti hoax and blamed it on a conservative student group, and DePaul knew all about it right from the beginning. Depaul University Roiled by Racist Hoax Intending to Demonize Republican Student Group More hoaxes created about racism and other special interests Yet another antisemitic hoax, this time, blamed on an NBC journalist. Yes, hoaxes created by the vary people claiming to be targeted. In otherwords, the world isn't racist enough so these people make up hate crimes about themselves, especially if they can claim anyone who doesn't agree with their idiology or doesn't have the same skin color as them, did it.

US. Liberal-Originated Chain-Letter’s Claim of Australian Conservative Cartoons False Cartoon News

More left-wing chain letters

The Heene Balloon Boy Hoax is probably the top hoax of 2009 and should prove what some people have been saying all along about so-called "reality TV" it is anything but, and the things people will do for these shows go beyond all reason and common sense.

John Skelton committed a celebrity death hoax about Jeff Goldblum using the fake celebrity news site Fake A Wish. the notorious troll, spammer, hoaxter and bully haven site Encyclopedia Dramatica struk again with another hoax similar to the JBDGMGR.exe teddy bear icon virus hoax. 4chan (a troll, spammer hoaxter and bully haven site same as Encyclopedia Dramatica) is at it again with a false RIP Kanye West meme that has infected Twitter. Kanye West didn't die in a car accident, and is alive and well. Spammers Raise Conficker Worm Fears, Proclaim Kanye West Dead Peaches Geldof started another Miley Cyrus death hoax and is apparently now embarrassed about it.

Steve Galea, who eats roadkill believes in and passes on false chain letters claiming Listerine is an effective bug spray so, rodent soup, anyone? Lucas Burt helped create and originate the Frank Holiday chain letter Mike Wise's video chain letter the sound is terrible where he yells into the - mike! Curt Schilling Will Be Wearing His Red Shirt on Fridays to support the troops. The baseball player makes no apologies for posting a chain letter on his blog. Of bridges and blackberries, Ammaro's viral experiment Betsy's considering creating a silverware chain letter and an illegal one involving money for a charity. Intentions may be good, but the means leave a heck of a lot to be desired. somebody sent a text message chain letter, then bragged about doing so on this site. Reactions are mixed. Ben asks What Is An Incentive To Get People To Pass Chain Email For Advertising? Jasmine's confession of why she sometimes falls for forwards. Krystal says she did a Facebook chain letter as a school assignment. Come again!? The Doon Brothers committed a stupid Facebook hoax Kyle Doyle's sickie hoax a writer on the NFL Juice blog admits to thinking of originating a chain letter to advertise the site. Chris Orcutt admits to maybe starting a political propaganda chain letter as a writing experiment. a Forwarder's Lament Soda27up tried to start a chain letter on Yahoo answers. Gsgirl67 started the cell phone ringing chain letter and a silly boy/girl crush chain letter story on Quizilla. Sarah started a "5 Things For Your Dream home" meme chain on her Typepad blog. extremely bored person on Yahoo Answers looking for a chain letter story, and someone posted one. this blogger likes and posts chain letters because resistance is apparently futile to him. Ben went to Yahoo Answers asking for tips on how to get people passing on a chain letter he originated to advertise a business site.

Ella asks "What is a good chain letter? because she wants to originate one.

Short answer: None.

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