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Heene Balloon Boy Hoax

Page history last edited by Bloody Mary 10 years, 11 months ago

Reality TV is anything but. Fake Reality TV Only OK if Done By Big Media Networks oh, the irony! The ludicrousness. Heene's Hoax Reminds Us to Tune Out Bad TV Balloon Boy Follies Video scenes from the balloon boy hoax family the Heene family committed a missing kid in runaway balloon hoax to land themselves a "reality TV" show and because of all the stress, the little boy got sick to his stomach on camera when during interviewing. The whole thing is exploitive to the children involved, a complete waste and disregard for anyone who were compelled to get involved, from the media and general public worrying about the safety of a child, to the emergency and rescue operations that had their valuable time and energy wasted on a hoax when they could have been helping real people in real situations. This hoax along with so-called "reality TV" is nothing short of an indecent and disgusting sham.

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