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How Ironic

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Tue Dec 4

How Ironic


I posted a rant against chain letters on facebook, meant for my friends and 10 mins later I received 2 copies back from friends who just sent it on ….


“Why facebook chain letters are bad…..

I *hate* recieving them, you know the ones that you receive a dozen of withtin the space of a couple of weeks.

There are plenty and quite often they seem all fluffy with themes like”fairy hugs”, sometimes they promise good things, but they tend to say something like, “if you don’t send this on then you are a socially inept and don’t deserve any friends”. THEY ARE NOT FLUFFY IN THE SLIGHTEST, THEY ARE NASTY!!!

Why? What is wrong with them?

For one, if you send one you are demanding attention in quite a horrible way, you are saying look at me or you are not my friend.

They actually put people OFF facebook as you get notification after notification about stuff that your friends have posted that they haven’t written, often is not that funny and if you have already seen 5 times that day as well its just a nusance. It’s a good way to end up being deleted from someone’s friends!


Rant over, (cut out the usual stale obligatory line to send on to friends etc. that actually ruins a lot of good articles objecting to chain letters)


I think that this kind of thing could be the undoing of Facebook, add in all the extra bother you are about to get from Facebook ads, and users could move on yet again, bebo anyone???


Actually …

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