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Josh Evans

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The Josh Evans Hoax


Myspace Hoax Killed a Teenage Girl


Video including interview with Tina Meier


When Adults Regress: a Story of Childish Revenge 47 year old Lori J. Drew takes the vast majority of the heat for her teenaged daughter who will be referred to as Sherry in this article, Sherry and the Drews' 18-year-old employee, Ashley Nicole Grills, for a hoax they created by way of a fictional Myspace account in the name of Josh Evans to head-game and spy on Megan Meier all at the same time.


Sherry Drew and Ashley Nicole Grills's hoax caused Megan to kill herself when the fake Josh Evans, played by Ashley and Sherry on Myspace, suddenly turned on her. This was all in revenge for some falling-out Megan and Sherry had.


What You Said to Megan Meir rails against Lori J. Drew, when Ashley Nicole Grills deserves it for her involvement in playing a terrible hoax that caused a 13 year old girl to commit suicide

Outing the Fictional Josh Evans the bogus kid created by Sherry Drew and Ashley Nicole Grills to mess with Megan Meier's head. Again, Lori takes the brunt for those heartless kids. Adolescent Adults calls Lori out yet again. The Drews have even made it onto the rottenneighbors.com site as The Drew Family Caused Girl's Demise.


No one's saying that Sherry or Megan were angels before any of this happened, but what Lori did was not the way parents should handle things when their teenagers get into trouble. If Sherry wanted to get her revenge against Megan by way of a fake Myspace id, a decent parent would've put a stop to it upon first learning of the prank, and that's if they learned of it at all, offering their child the guidance and support she needed, instead of at worst, encouraging and joining in, or at best, sitting back and letting it happen at all. A decent person also would've fired the 18-year-old employee for creating the hoax, instead of doing nothing about it.

Myspace Bullies These People are Scum

Everyone is talking about Lori, Lori, Lori, and no one is willing to talk about Sherry, who was the one to have the falling-out with Megan in the first place. If anyone had motive to Hate Megan, and continue hating her so much, it would be Sherry.

It was 18 year old Ashley Nicole Grills who is said to have written the post telling Megan that everybody hated her and the world would be better off with out her, the post that finally caused Megan to go over the edge. Ashley Nicole Grills is undoubtedly exposed for the creator of the Josh Evans hoax along with Sherry, and for the liar she is, but no one can touch her since she got herself safely checked into a psych ward, how convenient for her.

Ashley Nicole Grills

Quote: "I Stalk The Dead" How sick is that?

Email: XAshesnthedust06@aol.com oosk8erchickaoo@aol.com

AOL im: istalkthedead06 datGrillZgirl06

MSN messenger: datGrillZgirl06

Yahoo Messenger ID: flamingashes_06

Ashley Nicole Grills" Xanga Site


Ashley Nicole Grills hasn't been heard from and according to one of the articles on this page, she has been hospitalized in a psych ward.

Conversation on a blog


According to this article on a site keeping track of the tasteless hoax blog known as Meganhaditcoming, which refers to the Drew daughter as "Sarah" Sarah Drew Needs a Life


The infamous Meganhaditcoming hoax blog was an offensive thing to read. It was perpetrated by lulz-addicted, sadistic, childish bullying trolls from that notoriously filthy tasteless site Encyclopedia Dramatica, and an impersonation of Sherry and Lori Drew, with a lot of lame Excuses, self-pitying drither, hateful bashing and gloating over Megan's Demise. comments on this site indicate that a picture of Tina, Megan's mother was stolen and used on the hoax blog. Another site blames antidepressents for the tragedy, speculates that not only is the blog a fake, possibly cooked up by someone else who knew the families and has serious issues with them, but that Lori might be guiltless of having any part of the Josh Evans hoax. The blog was under investigation as to who was really behind it. The Meganhaditcoming Blog is a Hoax and Other News This article gives a little more detail about what has happened to the Drew family and Ashley Nicole Grills since. The comments on the article contain strong suspicions of the Meganhaditcoming blog as being written as another sick hoax, not by any of the Drew family at all. More discussion and an article about the hoax and the infamous blog Exposing Online Predators an article discussing the notorious blog, what the Meyers' say, what Lori Drew and her lawyer say, what Google has to say. This article contains information about who started the tasteless blog, and not surprising but typically disgusting, the hoaxters are the people at Encyclopedia Dramatica.


Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) is a fake, wanna-be hack wiki site run by lulz-worshiping internet trolls and bullies who delight in seeing people suffer and adding further injury to it. That site is full of porn, filthy language, malicious lies, hypocrisy, and everything tasteless, unfunny and terminally stupid.


ED is also an active spamming operation as well as an originator of memes and a hoax about itself. If anyone actually paid these schmucks to keep their site running because they fell for the hoax that ED was shutting down due to lack of donations, they almost deserve to have lost their money, but the bottom-feeders at ED don't deserve the extra cash.


So while Megan's grieving parents continue to suffer, and Lori Drew takes the blame for the whole thing, Sherry, and Ashley Nicole Grills have gotten away with a killing, and the reprobates at Encyclopedia Dramatica and their related ilk at ebaum, somethingawful, 4chan and that loosely knit group calling itself "Anonymous" in true cowardly fashion, continue to get away with gleefully causing more malicious insult to injury so they can get their daily "lulz" fix.


Every kid involved in this, from Sherry Drew and Ashley Nicole Grills, to any of their friends/contacts that helped them bully Megan to death, needs to be held accountable.


Anonymous is a Hate Group How Heartless Can People Get? ED is the Worst Encyclopedia Dramatica Encyclopedia Dramatica: They "do it for the lulz!" Down With Encyclopedia Dramatica! Down With Bullies Say LULZ again and I'll stab you in the face! I'm Here to Oppose the Lulz and it's Addicts-Worshipers Whatever They Are. War On Lulz - Wherever It Occurs, Kill It! Anti_Ed AntiEncyDra

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