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make money fast

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Pyramid schemes and all other chain letters are a gamble

Dave Rhodes started a chain letter, got caught, arrested, and had to make a site against chain letters as a condition of his parole.

Why Chain Letters Don't Work

Chain letters are illegal. Any involving money, postal mail, and copying lottery tickets is illegal. Example:

Gloria Query's Illegal Copying Lottery Tickets Chain Letter Scheme

Make Money Fast Chain Letter Exposed

Fraud 101 Spam, Spim, Chain Mail

The Make Money Fast Hall of Humiliation

Karen Liddell participated in a snail-mail MMF chain letter, thinking it wouldn't hurt anything, and she has regretted it ever since. She offers her apology and a warning to all not to participate in chain letters.

Who Is Anthony de Croud?

Letter is a Fake

December 2008, Madoff's Ponzi scheme brought out the best and worst of people according to this report

The difference between Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes - Numismaster.com

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