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More Important Than People

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 5 months ago

Beating up a Frenzy over a Dead Horse


-This was one of these ludicrous and useless humane society chain e-petitions.


A petition to step up punishment for wounding a human being on the police force? No! A plea to protect the animals!


Egads - people could've been killed in this incident and they were moaning on about a dead horse!


----- Original Message -----

Subject: FW: Service Horse "Brigadier"


-Right, got to plaster the horse's name right in the subject line, after all, every poor dead animal MUST BE REMEMBERED FOREVER! Why not built a monument to this great service horse and set it up right next to some monument to a heroic human to eclipse it?


If you can take just a moment to 'sign' this petition on-line it may help protect the service animals of our country in the future.


-Oh, sure, and support animal raider outfits like the humane societies. Online petitions are useless crap as well as information and address collecters.


Ok friends,


-Friends? Whoever originated this chain letter, I don't know you. I don't want to know you.


this is worth doing if you're an animal lover big or small.


-Oh? So if it's not worth doing, you must not be a big enough animal lover? Or if you are an animal lover you'll automatically think it's worth spamming the net with this animal welfarist junk chain?


-No. passing on and signing some lame petition sure won't determine if you love animals or not. Only if you believe in chain mail, and in this case, if you're taken in by animal welfare/rights boondogglery.


It will take less than 1 minute of your time to help protect our Police Service Animals in Canada.


-As if...


Please forward to your friends & family...


-No. don't, it's a complete waste of time on a misguided cause.




Click here: Toronto Humane Society (Link deleted)


-The site tells a story about a run-in police had with a criminal that wounded an officer with his vehicle but MORE IMPORTANTLY, wounded a horse that had to be shot.


So the Toronto Humane Society was pushing for a law to "protect police service animals" when people could've been killed, and the laws need to be stiffer against criminals that attempt to kill people on the road!


-What about showing the officer a little more support instead of a single line stating he had injuries that weren't serious or life threatening. That's all that was dismissivly said - the more pressing issue for these people, the dead horse. The horse isn't suffering any more, okay? But his owner still was, no doubt, not just from physical injuries but likely from stress at losing the horse. The petition did not urge anyone to write him letters of support. It only went on urging to be clicked, signed, with the petition forwarded so "humane" societies" could succeed in trying to pass more and more animal laws that could eventually end up getting innocent people tossed in jail for accidently hitting an animal on the road that happened to belong to a police officer!

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