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Recipes From Chain Letters

Page history last edited by Indy 9 years, 10 months ago

Please, don't spread recipes because an email or meme chain tells you to.Don't add your own to a recipe chain and pass it on. You never know how many times a contact may have already received the recipe and similar chain letter from others.

Instead, look here for recipes and create an account on this wiki to add your own recipes to this section.

Some recipes even from chain letters sound too good not to share, and these will be put here, along with your favorites as you submit them.

To start with, however, an interesting bit of information. German Chocolate Cake Isn't From Germany It was originally made by a baker whose surname was German.


Debunking The Gazillion-Dollar Designer Cookie Recipe Debunking and history of the notorious chain about the The infamous chocolate chip cookie recipe that is not being sold at an outrageous price by Neiman-Marcus or Woolworth's the tale mutating from lying about Neiman Marcus to lying about Woolworths. Interesting how deliberately inconsistent the chain letter recipes are, one calling for Hershy bars, the other calling for Cadbury. There goes that mutation of a hoax again. The Woolworths lie finishes by telling potential dupes that it is not a joke. So who's laughing? It's an attempted joke that simply isn't funny. a real Neiman Marcus cookie recipe - and yes, it's free! The question now is, will Woolworth's eventually post a cookie recipe of their own on their web site? If so, which establishment will be the next victom of the dreaded recipe rumor chain? The experiment: the chain letter cookie VS. the real Neiman Marcus cookie

Stuffed Camel

Five Minute Chocolate Mug Cake for One!

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