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Sites that Simply Archive Forwards

Page history last edited by Indy 9 years, 12 months ago

There are web sites that store and encourage circulation of chain letters. If you can't find a forwarded post or email debunked or verified on a hoax busting site, that doesn't mean you didn't receive a chain letter. These sites store chain letters of all sorts, and some accept submissions of chain letters you receive that have not been placed in their archive yet. Forward archiving sites are a good resource for making sure what you received is a chain letter. You know if you can find that cute joke or sappy story on any of these sites, your friend who forwarded it to you, didn't really forward you anything that hasn't already been spread to millions of others by their forwarding friends. so you can go ahead and break it.

You may even browse these sites simply for your entertainment, but please do what you can to resist the urge to forward anything from them.

Inboxity.com FadMine.com The Email Junkyard Forward Garden Fwd It On Forward Mails Pesky Email Forwards Daily Email Forwards A blog from a fan of forwards A point in his favor is that he sometimes gives a brief history of a forward he posts, if it is known, and is up front about the fact that his blog is specifically for forwards he likes. Archiving of what this blogger calls Interesting Forwards Blog dedicated to forwarded jokes Aminals Blog that archives those sickly cute chain letter pictures supposedly Funny Chain Emails so-called "Email Funs" Super55 supposedly Funny Forwards a chain letter picture site the "Forward Please" blog "Funny" Emails to Forward Page that archives animated forwards with music and pictures Purple Slinky Manojnayak I Say U Badshah Some Cool Forwards According to that blogger anyway. FunnyForwardMessage Meh. Trompyx.com Riotjokes

Upchucky.com I kid you not, that's the site's name, and it's literally painful to read with the index of chain stuff listed as if the caplock key is having a fit.

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