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Stale Joke Chain Letter List of Crazy Suggestions

Page history last edited by Indy 11 years, 1 month ago

This is a stale joke list that just won't die. This crazy chain letter has been spreading its insanity like crazy first through email, then web forums, and now social networks and blogs. sightings of this unfunny loony list are so frequent that it deserves its own sectionin the infamy showcase on this site.

Blogs and other places guilty of posting this insanity list chain letter

Qiluy's blog Splitbrit's Blog Tien-San's blog Daladysman's Multiply Blog Zerwey's Blog evannaandtheflyers CarmenCSJ's Multiply Blog Crazy List Posted on a Forum Mangalorean.com Groneman Family Lawanda's Blog Ruchiccio's Blog AJ Xlovesnosecretx's Livejournal Baltimoreteampink's Blog Tracy Sproodle's Blog Mrspokenword's Multiply Blog Latterdayspence's Blog Clipmarks Nan Knight's Blog Doreen's Journal Wounded Bird Grandmere Mimi's blog Angela's Spaces Muthah Foraseason just had to post this As the Winchester World Turns's Yahoo 360 blog Smacdonald92's Livejournal Underwit's supposedly 'Very Funny' Blog Barb's Blog Jessica Freas's blog Moik's Best Pooka Pranks - 'Incase You Haven't Seen Them Before"> 'you got to be kidding me...What the heck is a pooka anyway?Safyre's Wordpress blog Peter's Wordpress blog Ebbyzone's Livejournal Tricia's blog Jessie's blog Glend558's blog Debbie's Multiply blog Silent Storm's blog Tim's Yahoo 360 blog Vijay's blog Joe Bruch on photography forum Nugz on forum Mauka's blog LSFP Linda's AOL journal Livejournal of 'Formyfans' posted this crazy list and probably every other chain letter they ever saw.Lazzeo's blog Jen's 'the Women are Smarter' blog but she posted a chain letter joke.Painfully posted by lOov Posted by AC DC GC on forum Chibid's Wordpress blog Maggie's blog Jeannie's Multiply blog Dingbats & Doodles blog fitting name.Mohammadi a Yahoo 360 blog Posted on Robert H Blanchard's site Tyler Sullivan's blog Hollya's blog Dave's blog Imaginaryband's Wordpress blog Cheryl's blog Grace's blog Carole May Smith's Livespaces blog Julie's blog The Love Blog Posted by a forum administrator on a not so great looking forum Jennimoose's site D1an3g's Xanga blog Gabrielle Cerberville's Wordpress blog Jacksonville Confidential blog Posted by Igmutaka911 on forum Paofree's Multiply blog Denise's Yahoo 360 blog Barmy's blog Seci's Livejournal Bill Wood's blog Posted on forum Michelle Bingham's blog Alvin's blog Weetock's blog Bahamian Sign's site Posted by Darth on Tribe net Posted by Versca1 on forum Anticuti's Livespaces blog Posted by Nikki on forum Stef's blog Lindsey's blog Supergirl's blog and she got the chain from a co-worker Posted on forum by H22a4lude Posted by Gburnet on forum Msrobinson's blog Harneet's blog Extio's blog Extended to include multiple lists posted by Honeyluv123 Ecs Dave's blog with animation and sound Bikerworld blog Hannah's blog Blondee110368's Multiply blog a Yahoo 360 blog Angel Joules's Livespaces blog Sismlr posted it on Wallstreet Survivor Posted on Silent Devotion another Jessica's blog Mohit Budhiraja's blog George GB's site Dabeisyin's blog Whitegirl8605's Livejournal Marie Leanne's Multiply blog Kbrumfield64's Wordpress blog Ian Mckanzie's site Hill Billy Rockin Robin's blog the Ourfamily blog Caniborrowapen's blog Posted by Julcool Mitasova's Livejournal Candi Hurliman's Vox Posted by Sugarnspice on the Indusladies forum Daisy's blog, posted for Steve Beth's Bluestar Blog Joe Bradley's Livejournal jlbradley1844 got a scaled down list from his brother Pheonix54's Netlog Blog Fitzgerald's blog Sometimes I Spill's Wordpress Lil-Miss-Sunshine1990 Chacha1990's blog Deborah's blog Casto Creations blog Ellen's Crazy Little Multiply blog Aiqotd's Multiply blog Quotes Jokesfunny Wordpress blog Xxshikaxx's Livejournal Paulasoul's blog Jack K's blog Christine Hewitt's Livespaces Zerwey's Wordpress blog K Mcgrew's blog Miu's Livejournal Confessions of a Lioness blog Posted by Stroppybitch on a biker forum (Stroppy Bitch?)Very Funny says The True Urban Queen Sharon.Cammy Young Cat Darragha Foster Teaborg's Internet Junkyard Shell Malignant Mesotheliomasbestosoreg Lucid Lunacy Piyer Paul Burman's blog shortened and adapted for school on Carla's blog Krysia's blog Meryl's blog David Mcgee's blog Michael Beasley's blog How to Annoy Someone posted on Mzminx69's Windows Live Spaces blog No kidding.Actions of Comical Insanity posted on KeepersQuotes LivejournalGumtree forum Patricia Oviedo's Multiply blog Chocolade's blog Inamaisfar's blog Christopher Day's Driving Without Mirrors blog by Ben on Metacrazy Jesslyn's blog the A1 Business forums Posted by Munawarah on the Turn to Islam forum Phyllis Peterson, Morris Sun Tribune It is blended along with other chainy bits into a collection of recipes. Dr Jeanette M Valenti's blog Willims + Paddon - it's called "I Dare You" on this blog. Kym Lashene's blogger space

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