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Sweetdedek's Rant

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Sweetdedek's Rant

(Originally from

http://sweetdedek.multiply.com/journal/item/41 but it's not recommended you visit that entry. Posted here with a word substitution and some deletion of tastelessness and a threat.)


Chain Letters. Jul 16, '07 1:24 AM

for everyone


This will be a pretty long entry.




Ok, I've had it.


Let me ask you a question.


Don't you find chain letters similar to annoying flies that you just can't swat?


I do.


I couldn't count how many times I've gotten a chain letter that has threaten my life, assured me the bad luck that will follow if I don't pass it on, etc... Well, you know the drill. They've been around ever since I got my first ever email account.


Maybe they do exist in the olden times. But those are literally in letters, dammit!


I've never forwarded those chain letters. I don't even bother reading them till the end.


And so far, I've not die a horrible death. My social and love life is going fine. And life's been pretty good. No major setbacks that would make me even think of ending my life.


So you understand what I am trying to broadcast here? Especially into the brain cells of all you amoebas who've been giving me chain letters via email, sms, etc?


Chain letters are invented by losers who have nothing better to do, to scare stupid and over-suspicious people, who cannot distinguish between what is make-beliefs and what is reality.


The best remakes are those that so-called from God or stuff like that.


You think God have emails and handphones?


So next up when you are gonna die, God is gonna email or sms you that your time on Earth is up?


Or if you are suffering from an incurable disease, you'd email or sms God for ask for forgiveness for all the sins you've done and hope God will then lengthen your life?


Thus, what kind of a PEtard are you to even forward those ridiculous chain letters?


It's a freaking insult to every religion if you even forwarded those kinda email or sms-es "in the name of God".


Oh, so you wanna say that you wanna be on the "safe" side? Like what if a chain letter really is true and you don't wanna die a horrible death or what shart.


Let me tell you this.


In that sense, what kind of a stinking inhumane human being are you, to actually make your friends and relatives take your place in the curse?!


How much of a difference are you from a stinking murderer?!


Would you still live with a clear conscience to call yourself a human being?


(Delete rest which is tasteless drivel not good enough to post here.)

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