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Viral Videos

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Checking viral videos' vital signs -- baltimoresun.com Behind the Viral Video Listen to how marketers are paied to make video chain letters

The Flow of Viral Video

Music from Tractor Parts - FICTION! the email is a gigantic leg-pull that claims the video is of music created by farm machinery rigged up to play just like musical instruments. That is nonsense. The music is from conventional instruments and the pictures are animation. Yes, the farm machine music is just a pipe Dream>

Story about Timur Bekmamvetov's lame viral video stunt Criminals Gone Wild video is a fake

Lolflux.com is a viral joke site where people can forward viral videos and post other chain letters.

Oh no! Run for cover, here they come! They're out to clobber you with unbelievable cuteness! Evian Roller Babies video became a viral chain letter in July 2009. It is obviously computer animation, featuring babies doing funky dance moves that real babies couldn't. This viral has spauned yet another viral in the Facebook quizz application Which Evian Roller Baby Are You?

Not everyone has been taken in by it. Karen H asks "Who needs to buy water?" in addition, she says the viral might've been cute if it wasn't selling anything. Neither Funny Nor Cute says this site. creepy according to many posts on this forum. Let's add 'unoriginal' to this list as well. Evian's history using uncanny baby ads. Cute or creepy, this chain letter is bound to get very annoying, very fast, for people on the receiving end of zillions of forwards from the throng of people who simply can't resist anything "cute" even if it's just a cgi/photoshopped advertisement. Perhaps, that's partly what makes these babies so creepy.

The Topiaries Montreal Gardens viral a few posts about it

The Electric Light Sheep Show teaching old sheep new tricks!

Youtube thirsty koala RSPCA chain letter video Sam the koala viral Youtube video "But this video isn't a photoshopped forward, it's live, so it's not a chain letter."

It doesn't matter if it's photoshopped or not, if it's viral, it is a chain letter.

"Those were sent by somebody who knows a lot of people around the world."

If this person sends forwards, you were sent another chain letter. He or she most likely got these koala video links from a chain forward that's going around and it is very unlikely he or she actually knows the people involved. After all, a search for "koala" on Youtube brought up these two videos within the very first results in early 2009. With one of them soliciting donations to an animal rights group, it is no accident that forwarders are circulating these chain letters.

Two-year-old Zoei Toh singing the Lord's Prayer 11-year-old yodler, Taylor Ware on America's Got Talent 47-year-old Susan Boyle singing on Britain's Got Talent The Il Divo Amazing Grace in Italy "But these are REAL acts, from real performances and real shows, so they're not chain letters!"

When people forward the same amazing videos around within a short amount of time, and others are getting these videos from different people, and seeing them posted all over the internet, these videos are viral, which means they have unfortunately become chain letters, and not quite so amazing after being received too many times.

It is a mystery why some videos go so annoyingly viral and others don't, but it is very likely a strategic marketing move in the case of these so-called "reality shows" and anything connected with famous people. Certainly "reality" TV is carefully staged and in the rather unusual case of Susan Boyle, that snooty, insufferable, Simon Cowell who, along with Donald Trump, has a knack for making nails on a chalkboard seem extremely pleasurable, decided to break his own rule and play nice. This out-of-character-ness plus Susan's singing, and no shortage of fans of that show all contributed to the spread of this particular chain. Cowell is a judge on both the America and the Britain's Got Talent shows, as well as American Idol. He also created the group Il Divo. What are the chances of it being accidental or coincidence that he is now connected with at least three video virals?

Reality TV thrives on harsh sniping This article is specifically about American Idol, but the same can be said for its Canadian counterpart, as well as the America/Britain's Got Talent and the vast majority of "reality TV" there's always someone being fired, eliminated, voted off, told they're not good enough to make it into the next round,, or haven't done well enough in whatever the show's supposed to be about. Audiences on these shows, and the fans watching at home add to the problem. They keep wanting more of it, the stations broadcasting these shows want ratings, and people are getting hurt in these voyeristic games, staged or not. Even the Susan Boyle furor, however nicely she sang, delivers a disappointing message about groupthink. So much was made of her age and how anyone could just dream a dream and hit the big time if they want it bad enough. The problem with that may not be the inspiration of Susan herself. However, it lies with people and their apparent belief that if you're over 30 and you haven't become famous for your voice yet, there's no hope for you, and that what you look like means a lot more than the talent you actually possess.

Not only are the shows a huge strain on the participants, the media is as well. Susan Boyle was harassed by tabloid reporters during her time on Britain's Got Talent, and she came in second place to some dance group. She was hospitalized after a breakdown.>

Considering all of this, and that fans of reality TV have practically become walking advertisements for their favorites, and TV stations are always running ads for these shows, do we really need viral chain videos shoving more reality TV in our faces?


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