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Web sites

Page history last edited by Bloody Mary 10 years, 7 months ago

It might be a blog, group or forum, social networking site, or any other general web site. If it contains or attempts to originate chain letters, it's posted here.

Lolflux.com is a viral joke site where people can forward viral videos and post other chain letters.

Falsely attributed to George Carlin paradox chain letter posted on Lucia Lai's site The paradox essay wasn't written by George Carlin, who basically calls it a load on his site, and it wasn't written by a student from Columbine. It was written by Bob Moorehead, a disgraced pastor. Info here.

Bitchology chain letter displayed a way down on Elizabeth Brinkley's main page Posted on the New-mind Library Posted by Praning who thinks it's inspirational especially to women, - go figure Marring up an otherwise great post on Carol George's blog Posted in video form with a barely surviving midi rendition of "I Will Survive" Anita's page which is another animal welfare zealot linking to a site called "Misanthropic-Bitch" (Misanthropy is a hatred of the human race and the core of eco/animal activism.) Animal welfare zealot Dae from Foreverpurple.com posted a rant called "What drives people to forward chain letters" yet fell for and posted part of the infamous Zodiac chain letter. Ha ha ha! Dae also promotes the "Animal Rescue Site" and there is a chain letter about it, and that site is a part of the radical group HSUS. The Calgary SPCA animal pound created the "adopt a cat" chain letter.

A web site that wants to start a "Find KLF" chain letter campy bollox scare story chain letter posted on a career site of all places birthday chain letter posted by Madderz_Tough_Aint_Enough on Sodahead It appears the admin posted a bollox rambling phone-ringing, wish-granting chain letter to this site. This application's wall got spammed all over with stupid chain letters. One version of the "Send to x people or die!" chain letters posted repeatedly on this site

No I Won't Forward Your Stupid Message A Facebook campaign that shoots itself in the foot with urges to "Invite invite invite" as posted by its founder in one of the notifications, turning itself into what it's trying to fight against, a viral pest.

Of course, spammers, trolls, bullies, and hoax originators love chain letters too. Ebaumsworld This stupid site was made by porn-addicted bullying trolls, for bullying trolls to submit, discuss and pass on tasteless chain letter jokes and videos "for the lulz" and they whine about any deserved negative feedback by calling it "hate mail" Encyclopedia Dramatica Anything but an encyclopedia. It is a hack of a wanna-be wiki made for bullies, trolls and spammers, by bullies, trolls and spammers who are addicted to porn and "the lulz." It originates memes and hoaxes. The admins are very slap-happy with the ban button while they squeal like wet-diapered toddlers, calling Wikipedia, the real free encyclopedia "fascist". 4chan sibling site to the other two, so, along the same line. the notorious troll site Encyclopedia Dramatica struk again with another hoax similar to the JBDGMGR.exe teddy bear icon virus hoax


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